Graduation Vacation to Cancun!

Yes, the title says it all.

I have officially graduated from high school and my gift was a lovely vacation to Mexico, Cancun! I have to say that I love having the privilege of traveling the world because of my mom, especially this time.

Now, on to the trip, I went for exactly two weeks and visited four hotels (YES, I KNOW). We’d spend four days at each hotel and on the fourth day, we’d spend half a day at the hotel we were currently in and then get private transportation to the next hotel, and spend the rest of the day there. So from the airport to the hotel,then move 3 more times and then from the last hotel to the airport home.It sounds like a lot of moving and packing and trust me, no one hates packing more than me,but honestly, it wasn’t at all exhausting.

Now on to the hotels (In Order) :

1. HARD ROCK HOTEL RIVIERA MAYA – We stayed in a Deluxe Gold room that had a indoor jacuzzi, a hammock on the terrace, adjustable television, double sink, and the other norms you’d find in a hotel.

Outside the room: There was a storm supposedly coming our way,so the first few days it rained. Other than that, theres a beautiful wide ocean view, theres a nice-what I like to call”fake Starbucks”.We ate at a Japanese restaurant which I honestly dont remember the name of. The roof piece of the lobby was the most magnificent piece of art that I’ve ever witnessed by far.They also have a nice huge spot to chill ,which is outlined with a few stores and a bar, there’s also a big tree wrapped in white Christmas lights and has a swing attached to it,like something you’d see in a Taylor Swift music video,it was really nice. Unfortunately for the harsh rain we stayed in for half the stay and if you know me you’d know that I certainly did order room service when I had even the slightest tease of hunger.

2. FINEST – We stayed in a Pool View room and oh my heart!!! I honestly could brag about this room for days, it was elegant, clean, and classy-and that’s just the lobby.The room was amazing! I really shouldn’t be bias or anything but I’m not going to hide my love for this hotel nor am I going to lie about anything I blog about.Plus, I’m entitled to my own opinion.

Moving forward, there’s great lighting throughout the whole room, especially the bathroom (for all my girls who love vanity mirrors,the mirror above the sink (look at the pic below) is just like one! There’s a tooth brush by the sinks just in case you’ve forgotten yours, the shower is sleek, creative, and simple, and has a rain shower head along with a hand held shower head. For my favorite apart, the ‘switches’ which really aren’t switches has a modern touch to it, where you’d just glide your finger along it and thats how you’d adjust the lighting. When we got there it was raining again but I snapped some pictures of outside which has an amazing view of the hotel (and it’s pool).Outside also, there’s a balli bed where you can read which is what I did or just relax, and next to that is a glass which the big jacuzzi is on the other side of (inside) and yes, it does have a curtain so no one inside your room can see you.Lastly, if you’re one to order room service for half your stay like me,then I think it’s good to tell you that they have this secret door to put your dirty plates that they collect during turn down service.Trust me, ordering a lot of room service at times can be embarrassing *insert face turning red emoji here*

Outside the room: I definitely went out for this hotel and I’d have to say they have decent entertainment such as fire shows, a talent show, salsa dancing, outside carnival like games with a hint of a Mexican tradition.There is a “fake Starbucks” which also serves frozen yogurt and yes,it’s all free! I’ve eaten at a hibachi table which we shared with a newly wedded couple and was it was hysterical all thanks to the chef, there is also an Italian place (again sorry I don’t remember the names of these restaurants, I’ve been to so many), and lastly there was a nice little restaurant which is always the last to close, so if you’re late to dinner for some reason, then there’s always that option.And yes, there’s burgers and fries (beware,their fries aren’t actually fries,they’re cubed potatoes but they’ll give you normal fries if you explain).

3. MOON PALACE – We stayed in a Superior Deluxe Ocean View room that was a tad small and didn’t have a pleasant smell but, that was because of our location (right near the beach where construction workers were digging up loads of seaweed).This room, like the previous ones, had a jacuzzi inside the room.The bathroom wasn’t as big as any of the other hotels I stayed in either but we worked with it.

*There are three different properties at the Moon Palace which is: The Nizuc, The Sunrise, and The Grand*

Outside the room: Ok, so keep in mind that the Moon Palace is huge because it has three different lobbies for each section of the property. The restaurants are a little far from some rooms like mine but that’s no problem because you can catch a ride with a staff to your desired location, and if you don’t see any around then you can most definitely call to get one right next to your room,so don’t worry about walking.There is a wide variety of places to eat due to the Moon Palace having three different properties which I thought was nice. Room service might take a little long due to rooms being far from the restaurants and staff trying to make one trip rather than delivering orders one by one. At the Sunrisesection, which seems more popular for teens and kids, there is the Flow Rider which is what the last picture is. It closes at a certain time and yes, there’s one side for teens and one for younger kids.We did dine at other parts of the property and it was nice, but head ups, the Grand side was pretty dead.Nothing seems to go on on that side.

The last picture is NOT at any Moon Palace property, we actually drove out to another property called Beach Palace, which I low key wanted to stay at after visiting because it looked amazing, didn’t smell, and was gigantic (especially the water park)!

4. GENERATIONS RIVIERA MAYA – We stayed at the Oceanfront One Bedroom Jacuzzi Suite and let me tell you, it felt as if I was in an apartment! Please take a look at the pictures below to see this huge room! It had a kitchen, stove and all, a mini bar station, balcony, inside jacuzzi with a curtain to view the ocean, TWO showers (one inside and one outside) they’re right next to each other,two bathrooms, living room,dinning room.This room has it all and my favorite was of course Netflix.Yes.The remote has a Netflix button and it’s free! There room service menu is actually a channel on TV, I thought that was cool.

Outside the room: One thing that I did like about this hotel is that all the restaurants were in one spot.We didn’t have to go from one side of the hotel to the other,it was just one building that held about about 10 different restaurants and yes, you guessed it, there’s an elevator that bring you every where. I ate at a Japanese restaurant called Jade, the 2nd and 3rd to last pictures are from that restaurant and the food was delicious! You can reserve a cabana like we did (the last picture) and it was one of the most relaxing things I’ve done on my trip.There are no flies to bother you, the breeze is wonderful, there are bartenders and staff walking around to take orders and ask about massage options, you heard right, they do give different massages for which ever body area is tense and have a spa menu.

I feel like I’ve been typing for days soo that’s it! That’s my trip to Mexico and I do want to admit that by the last hotel I did feel homesick but I hanged in there and had a good experience overall.

If you have ANY questions about my trip or any of the hotels PLEASE leave a comment at the bottom of the page about that and what you thought.


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