BH Cosmetics and a hint of Makeup Geek

  I am beyond happy that I finally got my hands on this BH Cosmetics Palette! Fortunately I got to buy two palette rather than one, thank God they had a promo code at the time because your girls low on cash. Also, I got/needed a new brow brush sooo why not Makeup Geek? And it was one of their NEW brushes!

I was beyond upset that BH Cosmetics 28 Color Smokey Eyes Palette was sold out (but will come back July 30th!) so instead I got their Party Girl Palette because there was a few colors that I wanted to play around with. I’ve also had my eyes on the 28 Color Neutral Palette for some time so hey, why not right? I really want to talk about how I had to BOW DOWN to the pigmentation of both Palettes. I love that BH Cosmetics is affordable but great quality, and the shipping was pretty fast too, so high-five to their staff. Check them out.(NOT SPONSORED)


I love the packaging, especially on the 28 Color Neutral Palette, it looks simple and love that it doesn’t show the colors clearly with the lid on. I’m the kind of person who loves a good packaging, is that weird? Also, my friends recently asked if the shadow have a smell. No. They don’t, so another bonus although that’s the first I’ve heard of “fragranced” shadows.


The next thing I’ll probably buy from their site is their Clear brow gel, the 28 Smokey Eye Palette, the Sculpt and Blend 10pc Brush Set, and i’ve been dying to get my hands on their Forever Nude Aqua Gloss in Maple, Honey Suckle and Glazed Pecan.

Now Makeup Geek, the reason why I got the Dual Ended Brow Brush is because I don’t have a proper makeup bag to travel with, so when I went to Mexico I ended up bending the brow brush I normally use. So. Yeap, I’m a mess. However, this brush new brush from Makeup Geek I take lots of care of (it’s still in it’s wrapping) and I have to say it’s really good.The bristles are firm to create a nicely shaped brow and the spooley is very helpful. I definitely recommend anyone to buy this brush. Link Here. (NOT SPONSORED)

The next thing i’ll get from Makeup Geek is actually their single eye shadow pots and make my own palette! I’m excited for that and I will post these products when I decide that it’s time for more makeup (this literally could be anytime) so be on the look out!


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