Doing my Roommate’s Makeup


Happy Chinese New Year!

I finally got a chance to do my roommates makeup for her function/dinner and I unfortunately was slightly unprepared with makeup due to us being completely different skin colors. This and working with hooded eyes were the only two challenges I encountered.

First Photo: Before / Bare face

Second & Third Photo: After / Striking a pose

This is my first time working on (not to sound racist) Asian type eyelids, meaning a wider space above the crease and shorter based lids. I’m sure if you guys want me to tell you detailing-ly what I did but ill let you know what products I used.

Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Dewy+ Smooth (240 – Golden Beige)

Contour: Morhpe’s  Concealer Palette

Shadows: Coastal Scents and Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Ebony) – This is where it got kind of weird because she’s not brow/hair color, but she didn’t have anything for her brows so she insisted I use what I had.

Set / Bake: NYX mineral powder Matte Finish Powder (Light/Medium)

Lips: Lined with Makeup Forever (I dont remeber the name but if you need it comment below ; It’s a brown universal color). Colour Pop’s Teeny Tiny.

After my other roommate and I bombarded her with a ton of pictures like a paparazzi, she let me know about all the compliments she got on my work. People couldnt believe she could look so hot! I got a couple texts later about her make up, a lot of good jobs and what not and I’m honestly thankful for them. I just really need more makeup for my “soon-to-be-clients” and more practice.


Editors Note:

Please keep in mind that I don’t work on other peoples face often, I am in college and I do it when I can on people that I know. To be honest she’s probably the fourth face I’ve practiced on in my life haha. I hope to get better, my roommates are letting me practice on them whenever they need to go somewhere because they’re not into make up as much as I am. I am trying to build up a portfolio to get into working at Sephora.






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