Glitter ombre liner for the win!

Bonjour my readers!

Today I thought I’d post up something that may seem a little challenging and at which it was. I did a simple thing glitter eyeliner look on both of my eyes, the only difference is that on one side I have brown hues, and the other has pink hues … Oh, and I used glitter. Ha.

Ombre-ing them was not the hard part at all. The only challenger was keeping my lid down while trying to pick up the glitter on my brush. Let me tell you the steps I used which made it so easy:

  1. Draw on regular black liner to where you will be placing the glitter
  2. Get your lash glue and place it on top of that black eyeliner
  3. Make sure to have your 2-5 glitters out in whichever order you’re going to put them on in.
  4. Dip your brush slightly in lash glue, then the glitter and start to apply from the tear duct outward.
  • Just keep in mind to not look up or forward depending on your eye shape) because then your lid will be a mess and you’ll get frustrated, trust me.

img_9835img_9831img_9833                                      img_9821img_9824img_9829


If any of you have been trying to do something like this and think that my steps may help you, please let me know!


Hopefully, you guys like this look and if you have any questions about anything or suggestions on a next look please comment below! Also if you’d like me to be more descriptive and add more information about the product don’t be afraid to let me know, it doesn’t hurt me, it helps me!





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