Happy (very much late) Halloween Glam

Welp, it’s almost Christmas and I’m talking about a Halloween look. Go figure.

Hello, my lovely readers!

I hope you all are going well because today, I want to talk about my favorite Halloween look I’ve every done. Again in advance, I’d like to apologize for the absence of my post but I’m here now. Better late than never right?!

On October 31st I decided that I was not under any circumstances going to miss the opportunity to do something special, something that I’ve done previous but improved. So why not a glitter skull? I’ve done the half and half skull face, which I unfortunately can’t find the pictures to but when I find them I will post them! This year was a big step up for me and I could tell that my roommates agreed because they were all gasping and staring at me when I was done, haha. I had absolutely nowhere to go.



Anyways I guess you could say that my inspiration was from my younger self and the addiction to glitter. Also,normally I would look up a tutorial on how to do this look but I just used a picture I found on Instagram instead and tried to make it my own (hence the cut crease, the lashes, under the eye, gold tooth, brow lining, and more depth to the skills jawline).


Hopefully, you guys like this look and if you have any questions about anything or suggestions on a next look please comment below! Also if you’d like me to be more descriptive and add more information about the product don’t be afraid to let me know, it doesn’t hurt me, it helps me!




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