Purple glitter? Yes please!

Greetings to all that may be reading,

I’ve been pretty hyped up to be using glitters I got from a company that came across my Instagram named Bulk Glitter. They’re a very inexpensive brand that seemed to be either slightly underrated or just unheard of at the moment. Anyway, on to the look, this was actually a collaboration I did with my best friend from Arkansas!



It’s a smoked out crease with just a tad of glitter on the lid, nothing like a cut crease, but as I open my eyes that’s what it’ll look like. My lashes are nothing special, got them from a china based seller on eBay and the brows are Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow pomade.

Hopefully, you guys like this look and if you have any questions about anything or suggestions on a next look please comment below! Also if you’d like me to be more descriptive and add more information about the product don’t be afraid to let me know, it doesn’t hurt me, it helps me!





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