The PCC (Pinky Cut Crease)

Happy Monday my pretties,

I wanted to share this subtle look with you all because I always do it when I hear the words “let go out”.

There’s no big inspiration behind this look, I’ve just seen looks that have a similar style like this one I’ve created and said hey, why not? So I gave it a try and now I can’t stop playing around with the colors yet doing the exact layout every time. Hopefully, that makes sense. All you have to do with this look is have a transition color as always, the 3 main colors for the crease area, some variation may include pink purple black or orange yellow and brown. You can always switch it up because after all there are no rules to makeup! And then once you’ve laid those down, you go in with concealer and make a little cut crease from the inner corner of your lid to a little past mid-way of the center of your lid. then you pat down whatever color you want on your lid on top of that concealer. The final step before eyeliner which is optional is to darken up that outer corner of your eye with the darkest color you put in your crease. After that, you’re done! Check out my pictures to get more sense of it, it’s not hard if you try it out and have just a tad bit of patience, trust me.


If you’re wondering what highlighter that it, it’s ABH Sundipped palette!

Hopefully, you guys like this look and if you have any questions about anything or suggestions on a next look please comment below! Also if you’d like me to be more descriptive and add more information about the product don’t be afraid to let me know, it doesn’t hurt me, it helps me!




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